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IC Programming

IC programming is the process of transferring a computer program into an integrated computer circuit. Middragon offers IC programming service to meet the increasing customer requests from electronics industry. Besides programming service, we also provide service for IC marking, taping & reeling, dry packing, and customized package etc. to fulfill your demands.

1.  IC Program
​ Support different IC types such as memory flash IC, MCU IC, CPLD&FPGA
 Support different packages such as DIP, SOIC, TSOP, PGA… etc.
 Provide different programming facilities:
​           a.  ​Universal IC Programmer  ProgMaster-U4/ ProgMaster-U8
           b.  Automatic IC Programming System DP2000

2.  IC Marking
Support dot/number/Character mark
Support variety marking colors

3. Taping & Reeling
4. Dry Packing

Support IC Types
1. Flash Series
eMMC: Toshiba, SanDisk, INAND, Kingston,Samsung,Hynix ENAND,Micron
NAND: Toshiba, Samsung, Hynix,Macronix,Micron, Spansion
MCP: By request
SD& Micro card: Toshiba, SanDisk, Samsung
SPI Flash (25 & 45 Type): Macronix, Micron,Spansion,Winbond EON,ISSI,ESMT, AMIC
EEPROM (24,93,95 Type): ST, On, Holtek, ACE, Atmel
Parallel Nor Flash (29,39, 49 Type): Macronix, Micron, Spansion, Winbond,SST

2. MCU Series
8bit, 8051 based, 16 bit, 32bit, M0 Nuvoton, ST, NXP, M0+Freescale, M3-ST
M4ST, TI, Freescal

3. CPLD& FPGA Series
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