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Quality Management

Ⅰ、Quality policy
Thoroughly tempered well-seasoned severe training and hammering to make competitive products!

Ⅱ、Quality Strategy
Continue improvements, and improve quality constantly. Record all issues for each batch sample and mass production, and seek out precautionary measures. Simultaneously delve into quality hidden trouble, and take relevant measures as precaution.

Ⅲ、Quality specifications:

1. Quality System: ISO-9001:2000 Quality System Standard
2. Quality Standard: IPC-610-D class 2,
3. Soldering Standard: J-STD-001 class 1,2,3
4. ESD Standard: ESD-MIL-STD-1686
5. Workshop management:5S
6. FAI-first article inspection
7. In process visual inspection
8. AOI inspection
9. Machine calibration and preventative maintenance
10. ERP material and process management ( ERP=enterprise resource planning computer system)

Ⅳ、Quality standards


Ⅴ、RoHS management

Product compliant: RoHS
 RoHS prohibited substances list :
    NO.     Name                       The upper limit(ppm=mg/kg)
      1        Pb                                0.1%(1000ppm)
      2        Hg                                0.1%(1000ppm)
      3        Cd                                0.001%(100ppm)
      4        Cr VI+                           0.1%(1000ppm)
      5        PBB                              0.1%(1000ppm)
      6        PBDE                            0.1%(1000ppm)


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