TFA Worldwide Association

Sharing the digital wealth of the worldwide football community with its participants

About TFA Worldwide

We are an Association presently being incorporated in Zug, Switzerland dedicated to educating clubs and fans about use of digital assets and also sharing the digital wealth created by TFA (TheFutbolApp) and TFC (TheFutbolCoin).


We work with Clubs and businesses who adopt TFC, and incentivise them with grants of TFC and TFC based economic incentives.

Charities and Causes

We give grants to reputable organizations who have football related missions for bettering the world and promoting the sport.

TFA User Growth Fund

TFA Worldwide Association sets policy for and manages the accounts that allow users to earn TFC within TFA (TheFutbolApp).

"Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that."

Bill Shankly

Founding Members

TFA Worldwide has dozens of worldwide members with vast connections and knowledge of the football industry.

Jerome Heelein

Founding Member

Jerome has more than 10 years of experience in finance, sustainability and technology. He has developed the operations of several businesses in the hospitality industry and environmental protection in Europe, the US and Brazil.

Based in Switzerland, Jerome seats at the board of several established and startup companies he advises and helps scale up. He is also a Money Laundering Reporting Officer at a Swiss fiduciary company.

His blended background in hospitality and finance provides him with a unique perspective and understanding of the dynamics of community engagement through transparency and trust in the fast-paced crypto industry.

Stephen Galebach

Founding Member

Stephen Galebach’s career as a US-American lawyer started as an Editor of the Harvard Law Review and progressed through a judicial clerkship, work at the largest Washington law firm, government service as a legal policy advisor in the Reagan White House and as Senior Special Assistant to the US Attorney General, and then private law practice with an emphasis on emerging tech companies, including as IPO Manager of the largest Internet IPO in US history (Genuity Inc., 2000 – until surpassed by Facebook 12 years later) and, since 2017, his own law practice focused on emerging crypto-oriented companies and legal compliance.

Steve’s career in football was at the level of high school soccer, including a three-week trip at age 17 to play against teams in England, Germany, Spain and Portugal, on a high school all-star team from the US. In his spare time Steve enjoys doing historical research and writing, keeping up his German and French language skills, and traveling with his wife, Diane.

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TFC (TheFutbolCoin) is a digital asset on the Stellar blockchain.

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Let's Work Together

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